God’s Friendship

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please forgive me for all the things I have done that were contrary to Your Word. Forgive me for not walking in Your Will and neglecting the call You have appointed for my life. I apologize for not seeking Your counsel before making a move, for not checking in with Your Holy Spirit first, and for not walking in faith. Father God, please realign my footsteps to Your Word and Will, so that I can walk in the goodness of Your wisdom, grace, love, strength and power.

I thank You, Father, for everything You have done and are doing for me. I thank You for sustaining my health during this pandemic. I thank You for steering me away from the disease and for steering any carrier of it away from me. I thank You for keeping me on the straight and narrow path of Your righteousness. You have continued to bless me and my loved ones, and I am so grateful. Please always keep us in Your loving care.

Thank You for sending Your powerful Son to be the payment for a sinful world. Through his sacrifice on Calvary, we can have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside our temples. Father, thank You for allowing us to step into this period of rest. We must use it to remember our precious Passover Lamb; for just as the blood of the lamb was spread on the doorposts during Old Testament times so that the curse would pass over Your people, the blood of Christ was shed for the remission of our sins. Thank You for protecting everyone from the virus, for healing those that have been infected with it, and for comforting those that have suffered loss because of it. You are good! You are awesome and amazing, and I thank You for continuing to pour out Your grace upon us all. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. ■

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